Transcience: A Moment For Our Eternity

from by Lascaille's Shroud



V = Vincent
S = Sarah


Out of blinding light
Portal of the bulk
Into unknown worlds
An infantile time
Fear and pain invade
Crippling the mind
Are we alive?

I stumble on the newborn stars
Tripping in the wake of hydrogen
Churning maelstrom of alien sea's
Attempt to drag me in deep

Struggling to stand against this odd gravity
My legs begin to shake as the universe awakes
The enormity and awe of this moment caught in time
For just a second I could feel...

The birth pangs of an infant universe
Pound my skull in painful bliss
An unfamiliar dark with growing points of light
We have arrived – a new dawn

The pain of my atrocities
Given a small, gentle reprieve
But should I allow myself
To feel anything other than hell?
I want to smile at what we've done
To enjoy a moment of eternity
I know there is no place for us
For a moment, can we exist?

Lay me down at the edge of time
Embrace the nakedness of starlight
Relax and lull your weary mind
In our eternity

Close your eyes and think of us
You've suffered enough and earned your rest
No more fear and no more pain
We have earned this death

Laying against the newborn stars
Rolling in the seas of hydrogen
Embraced beneath alien skies
Fluidity in movements of flesh
Caressing against this odd gravity
Pulsating force in time with life
The enormity and awe of this moment caught in time
Our transient eternity!


from Interval 02: Parallel Infinities, The Abscinded Universe, released January 1, 2014
Brett Windnagle: All instruments, harsh vocals
Mercedes Victoria: Clean vocals




Lascaille's Shroud Florida

Science fiction themed concept albums. Nanomachines, alien intelligence, and universe ending nonsense.

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