A recurring theme with me seems to be manipulating video game audio to form coherent sections of narrative that strongly relate to the story. This specific song does the same thing I did with "Extinction" except much more detailed..

The audio in this (as well as the clips in the songs preceding it) are taken from BioShock: Infinite, a personal favorite game of mine. The story's relationship between its two protagonists so strongly mirrors the one between Vincent and ASI I could not pass it up.

There is even a line I wrote prior to playing the game, "What I've done cannot be undone" and almost those exact words were used in the audio I ripped from the game, too perfect to pass up!


My powers shrivel as my regrets blossom
By the time I realized how far I had gone
It was too late to stop it
But there is still one last chance at redemption
For both of us...
What I have done, cannot be undone
I cannot stop what I have put in motion
But perhaps, I can keep it from ever starting
He was my first hope, and now he is my last

All of this has to end
Will I be strong enough to see all the doors
And open whichever I choose
And if I bring him here
Who Is to say he would be any match
for the monsters I have created?
But in the end he is the one
Who will have to pay down all of our accounts
won't he?

Where does his guilt start...and mine end?


from Interval 02: Parallel Infinities, The Abscinded Universe, released January 1, 2014
Voice of ASI: Audio taken from BioShock: Infinite
Tyler Sherrill: Music
Brett Windnagle: Arrangement/ Editing




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